Learn how J-Z AMP™ helps students redefine what’s possible to achieve.

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J-Z AMP™ Academic Mentoring

The Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program  (J-Z AMP™) is a proven path for dramatically improving graduation rates among academically at-risk students.  Via strong partnerships between urban universities and public school districts,J-Z AMP™ provides free, structured, after-school academic tutoring, life skills coaching, and enrichment activities to middle school students for three years.  

J-Z AMP™ helps inner-city students catch up to grade level expectations and focus on what is POSSIBLE for them to achieve – even inspiring realistic goals to pursue higher education!  

J-Z AMP Works for Mentors

Provides college students with practical, paid work-experience.


J-Z AMP Works for Schools

J-Z AMP™ can work in concert with existing extracurricular programs – ASK our J-Z AMP™ Advisors how they’ve done it!


J-Z AMP Works for Students

10+ years of research has documented an 85% aggregate graduation rate among participating students.


J-Z AMP has been tested in 3 different cities.  Aggregate data demonstrates an at-risk student graduation rate of 85%!*

*source: 2012 JZ Foundation data collected from Bridgeport, CT and Hartford, CT; New Haven, CT data is trending on track.

What is

Jones-Zimmermann | J-Z AMP™


Preparing inner city middle school students for academic success, building self-confidence, and encouraging students to aspire to higher education.

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