Learn how J-Z AMP™ helps students redefine what’s possible to achieve.

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J-Z AMP™ Sites:  Case Studies of Success

See how these three colleges have applied J-Z AMP™ in the communities they serve: Read how they've done it

in this book:

Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University runs J-Z AMP™ at John Winthrop Middle School, Bridgeport, CT


Trinity College  

Trinity College runs J-Z AMP™ at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, Hartford, CT


Yale University

Dwight Hall at Yale runs J-Z AMP™ at Wexler-Grant Community School and Celentano Museum Academy within the New Haven, CT public school district


Become an AMP Site:

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Central Principles:

Community Partnership –  Strong partnerships must be nurtured for students to grow:

1)  University

2)  School Leadership

3)  Parents/Community

Mentee Selection  -

Mentee eligibility is based on standardized testing and 5th grade teachers’ assessment of below grade-level performance in math and reading.

Mentor Selection, Pay and Training -  

Thorough recruitment and support is essential for retention.

Triangular Set-up -

1 college-aged mentor: 2 middle school students for 3 years (6th-8th grade)

Content –

Free after-school Academic Tutoring / Life Skills Training / Enrichment

Activities, including Field Trips

Location -

Inner-city Middle School location plus visits to college campus

Tracking -

Post-program tracking / measurement of success rates (graduation) ensures accountability