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Mentors & Universities – Realizing Benefits of their Own…

Long-term mentoring relationships have demonstrated the potential for raising the academic achievement levels of at-risk students while enhancing college student mentors’ civic capacity.

Research has demonstrated that the Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program (J-Z AMP™) pays dividends to college-aged mentors in addition to their student mentees:

“The Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Program provides a framework for college mentors to build a strong and personally meaningful philosophy of civic responsibility. Such a framework raises students’ social conscience, instills social responsibility, and upgrades the values and ideals of a just and civically engaged citizenry.” (Brailey, 2008)

“Within my research I found that the Jones-Zimmermann Academic Mentoring Model has a positive impact on students’ capacity for civic engagement. College mentors believe the J-Z AMP program increases their capacity in all five areas of civic engagement: values, knowledge, skills, efficacy and commitment. Most important to their experience was the level of involvement within the urban community. Students clearly believe that the J-Z AMP experience was a powerful program that helped them gain insight into the economic and social issue that exist within a low-income urban community and in turn increased their commitment for civic engagement. (Brailey, 2008)”

Why We Serve:

Click HERE to learn what ‘10 Yale Valedictorian Bradford Williams gained from his mentoring experience

“At first, I wasn’t sure if I had the ability to help these kids. The problems with their social and academic life seemed so overwhelming.  But the DHAMPY [J-Z AMP™] program has definitely provided the support I’ve needed to feel confident in my abilities to help my mentees.”

– Dwight Hall at Yale J-Z AMP Mentor 2007 (Brailey, 2008)

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